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Why Amazon’s Stock Rose in January

Amazon’s stock rose sharply in January, making it one of the best performing stocks of the month. Many investors were surprised by the sudden amazon stock rise, as it was not expected to increase so dramatically. In this blog post, we will discuss the reasons why Amazon’s stock increased and what factors may have contributed to the amazon stock increase.

1.Strong holiday sales

amazon stock
One of the biggest reasons for the Amazon stock rise in January was its strong holiday sales. According to Amazon, holiday season sales grew 19% from last year, with net sales rising from $43.7 billion in 2018 to $52.9 billion in 2019. This growth can be attributed to an increase in customers, who were enticed by Amazon’s competitive prices and convenient delivery options. Additionally, their membership program, Amazon Prime, continues to grow in popularity; the service accounted for almost half of all orders during the holiday season. As more customers use Prime, they purchase more items on Amazon, contributing to the stock rise.

2. New products and services

In January, Amazon announced several new products and services that are sure to appeal to its customer base. These developments have been a major factor in the company’s stock market success. One of the most noteworthy new offerings was the Amazon Prime Video streaming service, which has seen tremendous growth since its launch in December 2020. Additionally, Amazon debuted its own digital currency, Amazon Coins, and made the Alexa voice assistant available on Windows 10 computers. These exciting new products and services have certainly contributed to the company’s impressive stock market news.

3. Improved guidance

The final factor that likely contributed to the Amazon stock increase in January was improved guidance from the company. In their fourth quarter earnings report, Amazon projected revenue between $69 billion and $73 billion for the first quarter of 2020. This number is significantly higher than the expected $67.5 billion by analysts, giving investors confidence that the company was poised for growth in the upcoming year. They also reported strong profits for the fourth quarter, signaling further optimism for the future of the business. The positive outlook from Amazon’s leadership likely helped drive up the stock in January.


January was a great month for Amazon stock as investors responded positively to the company’s strong holiday sales, new products and services, and improved guidance. The news of Amazon’s success in the stock market was met with enthusiasm, leading to a significant jump in the company’s stock price. This positive development is sure to have a lasting impact on Amazon’s stock going forward, with many investors eagerly awaiting the company’s next set of earnings reports.

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